1,2,3 - as simple as that

Our Process:

We aren’t one of those firms that never responds to applicants. We’re committed to keeping you informed at every stage of our hiring process.

The process is:

  • Submit your CV to hiring@profero.io - don’t forget to include:
    • Any references that might help us learn about your unique skills such as blogs, reports, certifications, link to your GitHub page and/or LinkedIn profile, details your community involvement.
    • Please describe why you feel remote work is a good fit for you (we know it’s not for everyone)
  • We will reachout to you to schedule a short phone call to get to know you better
  • You’ll have a technical interview for 60-90 minutes on Zoom to better understand your technical fit for the role
  • We’ll schedule a 30 minute meeting, where we will extend you an offer
  • You’re part of our awesome team!